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January 23 Update

posted Jan 23, 2019, 6:22 AM by Marcus Jauregui
Parents and Students, 

This is the time of year when our advanced and intermediate choirs prepare for the UIL Conert & Sight Reading Assessment and our beginning choirs prepare for the Katy Sixth Grade Choir Festival--both of which are held in March. Seventh and eighth graders will attend UIL the week before spring break (March 5-7), and sixth graders will attend their festival two weeks after spring break (March 26-27). 

Although UIL may seem like a field trip, it is an assessment of our performing arts students’ musicianship, performance skills, and music literacy abilities. The concert pieces performed at UIL are selected from a state list that is graded by level of difficulty, and directors must select concert pieces from the prescribed list. This is to ensure that students throughout the state of Texas are held to the same level of rigor, whether they attend a fine arts school in an urban school district or a small school in a rural district. In addition to concert pieces, each performance ensemble is given a timed music reading assessment. Students are handed a piece of music they have never seen and are given six minutes to review the piece (without aural assistance from the director or accompanist). This portion of UIL is a true assessment of the literacy skills taught in our music classrooms. 

Both portions of the contest are assessed by three adjudicators who each assign ratings ranging from 1-5. UIL judging standards are listed as follows: Division 1: Superior, Division 2: Excellent, Division 3: Average, Division 4: Below Average, Division 5: Poor When all six judges score the choir with a 1, they "sweep both categories" and earn the sweepstakes designation. While trophies are awarded, this is not competative in that only one choir can earn a sweepstakes. All choirs who meet the requirements can and do earn this designation in the same way that multiple students in a class can earn a 100 on a written assessment. 

The sixth grade festival is designed to give the students the feel of the concert portion without the weight of the literacy assessment. We will be looking for chaperones to attend both UIL and the Katy Festival, so please be on the lookout for information as those events get closer.