Dear Parents, 

Thank you for your interest in auditioning as a choir magnet student at Pershing Middle School. Please review the information found on this page prior to your child's audition to ensure a smooth and successful experience. 

There is a rhyme and reason to the audition pieces that have been pre-selected. It will be in your child's best interest to select one of the three approved audition songs from the adjacent list or from a musical in which your child has performed. Songs from the radio and even praise and worship songs from church are often pitched too low for younger voices and will result in an audition that does not adequately demonstrate your child's full range. Please insist that your child practice his/her audition piece well in advance of the audition, and please have your child perform in front of you prior to the audition. 

Before contacting the Magnet Office or the Director of Choirs, please read the audition process found on this page. 

Marcus J. Jauregui, Director of Choirs

Patricia Altamirano, Magnet Coordinator

Ginger Gaston, Magnet Clerk
vgaston1@houstonisd.org713.295.5240 ext. 064124

Audition Process - PLEASE READ!
  1. When you and your child arrive, you will enter through the front doors of the campus facing Blue Bonnet Blvd. Once you enter, you will make a right into the fine arts hallway and walk all the way to the end of the hall to check in. You will see tables set up. 
  2. Once you check in, please complete the choir survey form. Students will not be called to audition (no matter their appointment time) until the survey is completed. To expedite this process, you may click here, print the form, and bring it already completed to the audition. 
  3. After completing the survey, students should sit in the red chairs outside of the choir room (directly across from the cafeteria), and wait to be called individually to audition.
  4. The auditioner must sing the first verse of one of the following songs (click each title below for a link to a practice track, and click here for the song texts):
  5. Students may also select a song from a musical from which he/she has performed.
  6. Students must sing with piano accompaniment to ensure that he/she can match pitch and sing in tune. No a cappella auditions will be accepted. 
  7. Students are encouraged to sing from memory and will earn a higher score for doing so. 
  8. Parents may not enter the audition area and must remain seated in the cafeteria. 
  9. Students will also perform a short rhythm assessment where the director will clap one measure of notated rhythm and the student must clap back the rhythm. 
  10. Students will also complete a short tonal memory assessment where the director will play a one-measure passage on the piano, and the student must sing back the passage on "la."
  11. The vocal audition escalates in difficulty, so as students successfully complete each section, they will advance to a more difficult section. Not all auditioners will be asked to complete all sections or all parts of each section.
You may also download a printer-friendly version of this procedure at 
the bottom of this page or by clicking here.
Marcus Jauregui,
Feb 6, 2017, 9:52 AM