UIL Concert & Sight Reading Assessment

Although UIL may seem like an extra-curricular competition, it is actually our state assessment equivalent that evaluates our performing arts students’ musicianship, performance skills, and music literacy abilities. The concert pieces performed at UIL are selected from a list that is graded by level of difficulty, and directors must select concert repertoire from the prescribed state list. This is to ensure that students throughout the state of Texas are held to the same rigorous standard. 

In addition to performing three concert pieces, each ensemble is given a timed music literacy assessment. Students are handed a piece of music they have never seen or heard and are given six minutes to review the piece without aural assistance from the director or accompanist. This portion of UIL assesses mastery of the literacy objectives outlined in the music TEKS utilizing skills acquired through visual, aural, and tactile instruction. 

Both portions of the UIL assessment are evaluated by a total of six master teachers who each assign ratings ranging from I-V. The UIL standards are as follows: Division I: Superior, Division II: Excellent, Division III: Average, Division IV: Below Average, Division V: Poor

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